Copper sulphate and lime mixture. Fungicide Bacteriocide 20 litre pack

Copper sulphate and lime mixture. Fungicide Bacteriocide 20 litre pack

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Copper sulphate and lime mixture. Fungicide Bacteriocide 20 litre pack


20 litre pack

Traditional 2 part copper based fungicide for horticultural use

Copper sulphate and lime mixture is a traditional yet extremely effective fungicide originally developed in the Bordeaux region of France for control of downy mildew on grape vines. It is also very effective for control of a number of common fungus and bacterial blights including both early and late blight in tomato and potatoes, box blight, laurel shot hole disease, leaf spots of vegetable crops, rusts on onions, leeks and ornamentals, peach leaf curl, rose black spot, ornamental leaf spot including Olive Peacock Spot, bacterial canker on cherry and plum and apple canker / apple scab / brown rot, citrus collar rot. It is also effective as a dormant season spray to help control black rot of grapes as well as other fungal fruit diseases. 
Unlike most other fungicides available to the gardener, Copper sulphate and lime Mixture is organically approved provided that measures are taken to prevent excessive soil build up. Copper sulphate and lime mixture is NOT systemic, i.e. it does not work from the inside of the plant nor become absorbed by it. By its presence on the surface of the plant tissue, the fungicide works by interfering with the cellular system of fungal organisms and prevents their germination. It should be applied when there is risk of fungal attack (2 days or more of damp humid conditions) or at the first signs of any fungal attack. Fruit trees should be treated at leaf fall and just before leaf burst.

In a single pack you will receive 200g each of the two raw materials required to make this mixture at its standard strength.
Please note that this is the same product as my other listing but in larger quantities at a discounted price. It is designed for a 20 Litre spray and you will require 2 x 10 litre non-metallic containers in which to mix it.